Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cavern Treasures

Cavern Treasures is part of my newest collection... "Within the Waters".  I have been wanting to create a collection that includes every element encompassing the Sea.  I imagine including Mermaids, Mermen, Pirates, Sirens and Water Dragons...  This collection will truly be for those sea lovers.

When creating Cavern Treasures... I imagined a beautiful mermaid within a cavern hiding the little shinies and bobbles that she holds near and dear to her heart.  Her secret little place from the rest of her kin.

I love purples!  So I used it as the main part of her body and built a color scheme from there.  Another "trick" I use when picking colors is my inspiration scrapbook.  I have a scrapbook full of photos that I picked up here and there... it includes some postcards, magazine clippings, bottle labels, business cards... etc.  I put these images into my scrapbook when the colors just seem to speak to me.  Mostly they are of nature items.  When I am looking for some inspiration in a color scheme... I open the pages and look at what grabs me.  Then I will pull my colors from that!

Thanks again for supporting my art... I will soon write about another image I just finished... little Snow Drop.