Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tatiana - "Fan"tastical Art

A recap of August's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Story....

Giovanni was going to throw in the towel about trying to change people's perception of him, but decided he just couldn't handle the loneliness anymore and is going to try a different plan.
There are several baddies in the magical world that everyone assumes The Midnight King is bffs with: Rollo, the giant that incessantly devours anything with wings (mainly fairies); Tatiana, the spider shape-shifter who likes to torture the less magically gifted creatures; Zalhem, the master of red caps in the Chestnut Hole Bog. Far too many have been killed due to the actions of these vile beings.
Who do you think Giovanni should try tackling first to prove his desire to make a positive life change?

The Midnight King is going to try taking down Tatiana first! His goal is to take away her shape-shifting abilities and not harm her.
Before he begins, Jones and I need to help him find tarnak root. Seems spiders are not big fans of it, but it is extremely rare.
Going to see if we can persuade some of our magical friends to help.

Not sure if Jones will ever speak to us again... in our quest for tarnak root she had to agree to go on a date with a garden gnome. And not just any garden gnome. She has to go with Belchart.
Yes, THAT Belchart. The one who uses boogers as a weapon and has no qualms against letting gas escape his body through any vent at any time.
At least Giovanni has wasted no time and is concocting a potion with the tarnak root that will (hopefully) defeat Tatiana. She has been increasingly active in her torturous activities lately and it must stop.

Jones hasn't said a peep to me or the rest of the family since her date night with Belchart. Well, she did angrily recap the evening by telling us the gnome famous for being gross and grimy wants to have 4 children and name them Snot, Booger, Loogie, and Phlegm. He also talked with his mouth full of food and every time he said something chunks of his meal ended up on her plate. Lastly, when Jones kissed his cheek at the end of the date (it was part of the trade agreement), she saw cockroaches crawling around in his beard.
Yep, I think I need to go pick her up some nice new cleaning supplies like the feather duster you mentioned and some custom rubber gloves.
Giovanni is letting his potion steep for a few more days to gain potency and is trying to find someone who will practice sword fighting moves with him before he faces Tatiana. So far the Midnight King reputation is still keeping everyone at bay.

Giovanni is setting out to attempt battle with the spider shape-shifter tomorrow morning! Tatiana is weaker during the morning hours and Giovanni is hoping to be able to handle this fight without having to take a life.

Been busy helping Giovanni, The Midnight King. His first round with Tatiana was unsuccessful. He didn't want to tap into his dark side as that is when evil creatures tend to flock to him, so Tatiana the spider shape-shifter made an escape.
He and I have been weaving a unicorn hair net to ensnare her in. Good thing Giovanni can do replication spells. Just take a couple of spare hairs and boom! Now you have a pile of them!
Trying to decide what the best type of bait would be to lure her into the trap...

Trap is set for this evening. Unicorn hair netting has been enforced with enchantments. Warrior fay has been recruited to act as bait. He's not happy being so tiny and forced to act cowardly, but Raven is a real trooper.
Tatiana ain't gonna know what hit her!

New problem... now that we have ensnared Tatiana, what do we do with her? Obviously strip her of her power... but what would be a good form of non-violent punishment? Giovanni is struggling with resisting the urge to kill her since that is how he has always dealt with adversaries in the past.
She's lucky to still be alive at all. Tatiana somehow managed to rake her claws across Raven's chest while he was still in miniature form. Between the beat-down he gave and the thumping over the head Jones gave her, Tatiana won't soon forget her defeat.
Our little brownie is very protective of her family - Raven is one of her favorite cousins and Jones was not about to let him be bait without some back-up, though The Midnight King's net worked perfectly after she was cornered.

Still waiting to see what the 3 most current victims of Tatiana's attacks will select for her punishment. They were intrigued with everyone's suggestions and are mulling over each one carefully.
Good news, Giovanni is beginning to get a better reputation! Many creatures from the forest the evil spider-shifter inhabited have sent Gio small gifts of thanks. He is elated.

This afternoon I received an owl from Jones letting me know Giovanni had left the meadow. Since word of his showdown with Tatiana had spread, he is getting pleas from all corners of the magical realm asking for help eradicating evil. The Midnight King may be needing a new name soon 
As for Tatiana... we don't think she'll be making trouble anymore. Her powers were bound and Gio put a mirror spell on her for good measure. Should she figure out a way to cause trouble again, the misdeeds will be multiplied by 3 and hit her. And to be extra sure she leaves everyone alone, Giovanni is making her his travel companion, making her schlep his belongings around in exchange for food and shelter. I have a feeling he'll steer her to a better life path.

As a thank you gift, Giovanni conjured up a beautiful stone fountain for us in a corner of the meadow. The water will never freeze, be forever clean, and not need refilling as long as The Midnight King lives. He will be missed, but perhaps we will see him again.

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