Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Archer ~ The newest of the Warrior Fay

The Warrior Fay is an art collection of mine that I started in 2010.  I was inspired by the "protectors" of the Fairies... the ones that made all of the others safe.  So I came up with four pieces... Raven, Hawk, Lynx, and Sparrow.  It seemed that many of you loved the concept of these male fairy warriors as well... especially Raven.

Well, this year I plan on adding to that collection and here is the newest warrior... Archer.
The Warrior Fay have been a difficult collection for me personally... which I am slowly starting to master.  Drawing men is a challenge.  They take as much time for me to draw as dragons.  The male form has many more angular shapes than women and is not as free flowing.  To offset the hard angles of Archer, I added the bay horse with the arched neck and long flowing mane.

Well... I hope you like him.  There is more to come, so please keep tuned.
Until later... Cherie