Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow Drop

Oh little Snow Drop!  This precious little one is the newest part of my Children of Myth Collection.  Snow Drop has been bouncing around in my mind for about a year now.  I sketched her for the first time in 2011... and then she became a lost sketch file in the endless sea of sketch files on my computer... till I knew what to do with her.

A night in January... when I was about to go to bed after finishing a Mystic Portrait... she popped into my head again... but this time I knew what she was to become.

I went upstairs and grabbed another cup of coffee and headed back to the computer.  With Florence and the Machine (I know the music doesn't match the image) pounding in my headphones... I dug through the files and pulled the sketch of this little creature.  Around 3:00 am I had to call it quits and went to bed.

Now, normally... when inspiration hits me at that hour... it's not always good to see the painting the next day. But... I was pleasantly surprised. She was coming out just like I planned!  A few days later... and many hours... little Snow Drop was born!