Monday, December 31, 2012

Accept No Substitutes

Friends, I want to share something that happened earlier today.

One of my fabulous Facebook followers sent me a link to an Etsy shop that was selling an “antique” BOS/XL journal that looked suspiciously like one of my handmade journals.

After checking the item listing and realizing that it was indeed one of my journals that was being touted as “found in my Grandmother’s trunk”, I contacted Etsy and the seller to have the item removed from her shop. Why? Not only was her description full of tall-tales about the journal being very old and super rare, the seller actually bumped up the price, charging more than I do for a brand new journal of that style in my shop.

Now, I realize not everyone decides to keep my BOS/XL journals forever and they are sometimes resold. It is my hope that 1) The reseller includes my personal name or least business name in the listing and 2) Charges a fair price.

Also, there have been some people on Etsy and Ebay that have decided to not only copy the design of my books, but to copy the artwork, too. The only places to purchase authentic Mystic Moon Media items are from my Etsy shoppe, my Zazzle store, and my booth at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. If you happen to see any listings that claim to be made by me and aren't in one of my shops, don’t purchase from them and I encourage you to let me know about rogue sellers by sending a message through Facebook or email.

Thanks for helping me provide for myself and my family by supporting Mystic Moon Media. Without you, I couldn't continue to do what I love.

Cherie Gerhardt