Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Depths of Agness...

Well... Agness... is the newest part of my Angels & Demons collection.  There is more to this one then at first glance.  When people look at her the reaction that I get is demon... why do you draw angels so dark?  Well... I don't.

I believe that there truly is a good and evil path for us all... or a dark and light path if you will.   Even heavenly creatures such as angels have these paths.  We, as mortals, look hard at these paths of good or evil... dark or light... and then we choose.  They too have a choice...  it is their freewill.

When her horns, scarlet and dark damning colors and how she glides through the earthly realm might give you the impression of evil... look at her again.  Her arms are held tightly against her in an embrace... with a face of pure determination and will.   She may have been born out of darkness... but she will not let that define her.  She will move... boldly... embracing what she in her heart feels right and moves forward towards the light.

Such who show boldness and  strength against the darkness will have other souls follow them into the light. Such souls as these follow Agness within this painted earthly realm towards her lighted path.
So look at her again...