Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Woodland Leprechaun

March was a bit crazy for us at Mystic Moon Media. Cherie was bound and determined to find a leprechaun's gold before the end of the month and wrangled me into helping her. 

Early in the month Cherie stumbled upon a group of 4 leprechauns meeting in a wooded area near her home. After some eavesdropping, she was able to figure out that one had hid his gold near Lake Michigan, two had placed theirs in a well, and the last one stashed his gold somewhere in a forest. Our first attempt at tracking down the gold was following the lakefront leprechaun. While we met many nice creatures, including a pair of vacationing house elves, the only information we gathered that day was that this particular leprechaun liked to make sandcastles. 

We had better luck with the well leprechauns. A goblin owed Cherie a favor and found out they were searching for miniature farming equipment to take back to their village. After a visit to the store, we returned to the well and set out a trail of farming items to lure the leprechauns away. While their attention was diverted, Cherie snagged the gold. 

Next, we returned to the beach. Phineas and his mermaid were visiting the area and were more than happy to  spy on the lakefront leprechaun for us. Seems he liked to hide his gold in sandcastles, so while he was collecting shells to use as decorations, we quickly took his treasure. 

Time was running out. Cherie staked out the forest in hopes of getting the last leprechaun's gold. Every time she came close to discovering his secret hiding place, his goodies were gone. She even went as far as to use glow in the dark paint to track his movement - still no luck. As you can see from the photo below, he had a helper and we didn't stand a chance of getting his gold. Oh well, two out of three ain't bad! 

This piece of art was created with the help of our awesome Facebook and Twitter fans. Every time a person makes a comment on our "story of the month", they help influence the direction Cherie takes the artwork. Plus, one of the lucky folks who comment will win a free copy of that month's print! *Even if you make 290 comments you are only entered once. 

Congratulations to Jennifer J., our March "Fan"tasical Fantasy Art contest winner. 

A new creature adventure began on April 1, so come and join us on the journey!