Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sovereign of Spring... Fay of Season

Another new collection that I will have this year along with Elemental Dragons collection is "Fay of Season."  I wanted to make a collection of the fairy queens each representing all that they reign... Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Here is the first of that collection... Sovereign of Spring.
Sovereign of Spring proved to be difficult for me.  This painting made me really step out of my comfort zone.  I normally do not paint light and airy subjects.  To give this painting the spring feel I envisioned, I had to play with light more than I had ever before...  the way that it plays on her wings to the softness of her dress.  I hope that you enjoy her... I do and I am happy with how she turned out.

Before the Bristol Renaissance Faire I will release the other three of this collection.  As for now... back to the drawing board.