Monday, March 26, 2012

Drákōn of Earth

Introducing... Drákōn of Earth
Well... the draw of the dragons has begun.  As promised at last year's Renaissance Faire, I have finished the first in a set of four dragons.  This collection is my "Elemental Dragons" Collection.  Each dragon will be representing its own element.

This dragon turned out to be like my other "non-traditional" dragons.  I feel as if I look at these creatures in a different light.  I have learned that most of my customers have a love or hate relationship with my dragon style.  I am not one to show these majestic creatures within their fiercer moments... but more when they are at peace.  I feel that these creatures are majestic, graceful yet gentle... and I try to portray this in my art.

As for Drákōn of Earth... I wanted to show a creature that truly represents the forest that is all around her.  I wanted her to be one with the landscape.  I gave her "tree roots" as claws and a leaf like feel to her wings.  I bring this leaf theme down her back and into her tail.  Her horns are very subtle, yet remind me of an old twisted drift wood and she appears to be moving towards the light as if she were the ground vegetation within the deepest of forests.  She is exactly what I think of when I think dragon of Earth.  Majestic, graceful, and one with nature.

I am in the process of creating her counter parts... Air, Fire, and Water.   When all four dragons are finished... they will be placed on the market in my Artfire store.

Thanks again for all those who support my art... you let me do what I love and I know that I am truly blessed for that!