Monday, March 26, 2012

Predicting the Next Big Fad

If you have turned on a television, opened a magazine, or surfed the Web over the past 6 months, you probably noticed that zombies are EVERYWHERE. They are becoming such a hot topic that I even felt compelled to look up zombie apocalypse survival strategies for the last blog post. Who knows, it could happen and I like having a brain.

6 months before zombies we were in the middle of the vampire and werewolf explosion. Thanks to Twilight, you couldn't walk 2 feet without someone talking about the characters, reading one of the books, or critiquing the movie. (Full disclosure, Cherie and I are both big fans of the series - Team Edward!)

Vampires will be coming back on the upswing in a matter of months due to the release of the last Twilight Saga movie and the Abe Lincoln flick. But what about after that? What kind of sci fi/fantasy creature will be the next big thing?

My guess? Unicorns. Ok, unicorns may not have the sexy factor like vampires or the creepiness of zombies, but they are most certainly gaining popularity. You think I'm crazy, right?

Well, take a look at this...

They have their own cult now. 
The Unicorn is Unique.
The unicorn knows it is a unicorn, but may hide it from the world.
The unicorn rejects the boredom and common things of the average life and strives for more.

Image and manifesto from The Cult of the Unicorn

Not into cults? How about The Bloggess' Unicorn Success Club
The good news is that they are a pro-dragon club! Mug and assorted other Unicorn Success Club products are from her Zazzle shop. The Bloggess (who is hilarious) can be found here

And they've already hit prime-time television...
Yup - Glee! 

It's only a matter of time before they create books, television shows, and movies that focus on these majestic creatures and everyone will be clamoring to wear their very own unicorn horn. I'm going to get a head start and go buy some fuzzy pink unicorn lederhosen now...

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