Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mystic Moon Media Mission: Fairy Houses Edition

As our Twitter and Facebook followers know, Cherie has had some unusual house guests over the past month - wee folk. They've made themselves at home, alternating between being surprising helpful to mischievous little stinkers.

It's nearly time for the wee folk to make their departure, as they don't like to stay indoors after mid-March, and some of the Mystic Moon Media fans have suggested that she create a special area in her yard to encourage them to become permanent visitors.

Since Cherie is juggling her art duties and trying to stay one step ahead of the wee folk, I've been asked to look for some fairy homes for her new friends and give you a homework assignment!

Please take a peek through my selections and then let us know via Facebook which one(s) you think Cherie should purchase. We also encourage you to let us know of any fairy house options you've seen or links to build-your-own fairy house tutorials.

Set of 3 fairy houses by Suzanne's Pottery Farm

Enchanted Acorn Fairy House by Enchanted Houses

Fairy Camp House by AdkGirl

Yellow Fairy House by In the Light of the Moon