Friday, February 24, 2012

Passionate Seas...

Ok... you asked and now you shall receive.  
I have been asked by some of my wonderful followers for awhile for "couples" art. 
In response to that I have created "Passionate Seas". 

My intentions on this painting were to show the love of the merfolk within the depths of the sea.  At first... they both were to be green, but after some time I felt that she would be better with the look of a "goldfish" and he in the darker emeralds.  These colors worked well with the blues and red highlights that were in the background creating a nice double split complementary color pattern... in other words... the colors "flow".

This will be part of a new collection called my "Beloved Collection".  This collection will (in time) include many different creatures... from merfolk to fairy folk.  Another is already in the works for this collection and will be released before the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Thanks again...