Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Winners Choice!

Hello everyone...
At the beginning of October we had a drawing for all those who has entered my emailing list.  The winners had choose there items... and here they are!

First place winner, Ashley H., choose her handmade XL book to be made in reds featuring "Hawk" from my Warrior Fay collection!  Believe it or not... this is the first book that I had ever made with any of my Warrior Fay... and I have to say, nice choice!

Second place winner, Aaron N., choose the lovely print 
"Clover" from my Children of Myth collection.

And last... but not least... Madison T. choose the print 
"Crow" from my Celtic Collection.

I want to thank everyone who had entered!  I had fun with this one and hope to have more drawings like this in the future.... that said,  I think I will keep the man eating bird out of the next one.  
Until later...