Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Great Paper Debate

Hello chaps!

As some of you may already know... I seem to be having...well... paper issues, which has started "The Great Paper Debate".  It all started with my larger books.  I have changed the image paper to a glossy water resistant canvas.  I did this because I feel that the image is richer when printed on the canvas, it has a great texture and... well... being water resistant is always nice for those minor spills.

This process of looking for the new papers to print the images on for the books seemed to spill in my art reproduction.  As of now, I have always printed my art on luster photo paper.  This is a type of paper that you would get at a photo studio.  It is a lovely paper that has a nice weight to it and prints crisp images.  But there was a problem with it... and that is it's sheen.  In most lighting... it creates a glare (sheen) that makes it hard to see the image.

Well, after testing many papers, I found a professional matte photo paper that I love and  will use to print my art from now on.  This paper is amazing when printed.  All the colors are rich and deep... yet the image is crisp and clean.  Under glass... you can look at the image from any angle and see its rich, crisp colors without glare.  Since it is a matte photo paper the glare that the luster paper produced has been eliminated. 

So once again... out with the old and in with the new!
As for my Mystic Portraits, they will still be printed on the same photo paper that they always have.

Until later...