Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2012 Zodiac Collection Calender

 I know.. I know... you guys like calenders.  Things to hang and scribble on.  This year I listened to all of you that asked and created a 2012 Calender.  I used my Zodiac Collection for the images... fitting for a calender.  These can be purchased in my Etsy and Artfire Shoppes.

I wanted to have it printed on something a little fun and for that I found this gold metallic paper.  When the light dances across the paper it gives the images a really nice shimmer.  They are coil bound with a plastic back and front for its protection against a year of stabbing, scrapping and jabbing of a roller ball pen.

If you are looking for something for that friend or family of yours that is obsessed with the fay... or just want a little fantasy on your walls... this may just be the item for you!