Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fairysteps - Fantastic Fairy Footwear

Hello dearest Ren Faire peeps!  If you were at my shop this year, you most likely heard me whine about getting a new pair of Ren Faire shoes.  Sometimes some of the simplest decisions are very difficult for me.  My poor workers heard me complain all season about it... then the next thing I knew the faire was over and no shoes.

Well... I found this wonderful artist of shoe mastery on Etsy named Ren Cuming.
She makes the greatest Renaissance Shoes ever!  And here they are!
I love these!
Well... after some thought and getting over my fear to purchase these shoes without trying them on... I bought them.  I am so glad that I did!  The quality of these shoes are just tops.  She uses a nice thick sole, great for "off roading" at the faire.  Also... the leather is a really nice quality and I love the velvet laces.  The cut of the shoe, which she calls "Puck", is wonderful for that little fairy quirk that one may have.

The only thing is... I HATE pink!  But for some odd reason I love these shoes.  So you know that she makes a fantastically fun shoe if she was able to get me to buy them in pink! 
 And I know what you are thinking... sitting at your computer...  you need a pair too!

Well... if you are in the market for some fun, fancy, fairy footwear, fly over to Fairysteps!
Until Later...