Saturday, October 1, 2011

Winner!!! For our email Newsletter Drawing... is it YOU?

First of all... remind me next time I do a drawing to hire some kid to cut the little paper strips! That said, thanks to all that entered!  I greatly appreciate all of you that support my art!

As for Puddle... she had a diva moment this morning and she wanted nothing to do with the box.
So we went for the recliner instead.  
Here is the play by play...
All over your emails were cut into tiny strips and dumped onto the recliner. Then Miss Little Attitude "Puddle" was placed in the middle.  Immediately she reached into the pile and snagged one!
After snagging one she flew to the arm rest...
And tried to bite me when I took it from her...
This daring grab and dash (on my part)  happened three times... and here are are winners!

First Place of a Custom BOS/XL Journal is:
Ashley H.
(first four letters of email: miss)


Second Place winner of a 8x10 Matted Print of their Choice is:
Aaron N.
(first four letters of email: wuss)


Third Place winner of a 5x7 Matted Print of their Choice is:
Madison T.
(first four letters of email: vlad)

Once again thank you for all that entered! 
I will email the winners shortly!
Once the winners make their decisions on what art they want I will post it!