Monday, October 3, 2011

Sketchbook Snapshot- New Wiccan Art

Hello and welcome to my sketchbook snapshot!  What is sketchbook snapshot?  Well this will be a weekly update of whatever I have drawing during the past week.  Some of these sketches will be completed into final works and some not.  As I have stated in some past blogs... I grow tired easily of some of my drawings and that is when they get cast aside until they strike my fancy again.

I have been asked for some time for some new Wiccan art... and at last... I have started.  I first wanted to start with reinventing my pentagram.  I have created a “twiggy” one in the past.  I hate that one.  I loved it when I first created it... but now I don’t.  I never seem to be happy with my own work.  Well, I wanted to create something thicker and more substantial so I drew a new pentagram.  I love Celtic knot work so I sketched some behind the pentagram.  I think it gives it depth and interest to it... what do you think?
 I will be leaving the pentagram plain for one option, but I would like to add to it like my Celtic Collection.  Since familiars are so important to us, I would love to add some creatures.  I am definitely adding a snow owl.  I can picture it landing on top of the pentacle.  Possibly a fox or a snake... any other ideas?