Thursday, August 4, 2011

Enter to WIN!!! Your fate is in her little claws...

Love my extra large handmade books? 
Always wanted one... but it was never a good time?  
Want to try to win one?
If that answer is YES, then your fate is in the little claws of my parrotlet “Puddle”!

All you need to do is...
Sign up for our emailing list on your left and confirm!
And that’s it!  Now you just entered our drawing!
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  ~ 1st Prize ~
a Handmade Custom XL Book (a $105 value)
The winner of this book can choose:
• Any cover art from my art gallery or photo pocket book •
• The color handmade paper on cover •
• The color of the ribbon binding •

~ 2nd Prize ~
one 8x10 Matted Print (a $20 value)
The winner of this print can choose any art print from my art gallery.

~ 3rd Prize ~
one 5x7 Matted Print (a $15 value)
The winner of this print can choose any art print from my art gallery.

What does this have to do with the bird? 
Well here’s the answer!  How the drawing will work is... everyone who has submitted their email into my email list by midnight September 30, 2011 will be printed off onto a list.  This list will then be cut up into little strips and placed into a box... Puddle then will be let lose upon these little strips.

The first strip that she tries to annihilate with her razor like beak, I will bravely reach in and snag from her.  Thus being first place... second and third place will follow in the same manor. 

Please note:  When it comes to little paper strips, Puddle transforms into a evil abomination that violently hoards and will try to dismember anyone that tries to take one from her.  For those loyal to my art... I will brave this abomination!

On October 1, 2011 at noon I will let you know who won!  The winners have five days to respond to my email... or the death defying process will have to begin again. Please have mercy and respond to my email!

Legal Brouhaha (Please Read):
When joining my email list your emails will not be sold or shared with anyone!  I send a email newsletter out about once a month or so with new works, updates and sales. You can cancel at anytime.  Your email address must be valid to be eligible for any prizes.  I have the right to kick anyone out of my email list and deny them of any prizes if there is misuse to this drawing.  
Examples of misuse: Submitting your email 100 (or more then one) times.  Emailing me everyday until October 1st to see if you won, or any other annoying spamming habits one may inflict upon me.  I do not spam... so... please have the same respect.  If you are already on my email list you need to do resubmit once to update your subscription to my newsletter.

Thanks for supporting my art... and Good Luck!!! (I know I will need it!)
~ C.Gerhardt