Sunday, June 12, 2011

...and her name is "Oceana"...

Oceana... pronounced oh-see-AH-nah.  She is the newest addition to my Children of Myth Collection.
In Greek, the name Oceana means from the sea.  If you are following me on Facebook... you might know that I did not think of a name for her right away.  With many suggestions (which I greatly appreciate) I deiced to call her Oceana.  The reasoning for this is because most of my color inspiration came from a photo of Kefalonia island in Greece.

When I think of  Kefalonia island I think... sea turtles.  That is where I imaged "Oceana".  A little mermaid playfully swimming among the turtles. 

Look for new works???  This month I will be introducing many more new works.  I have many that are on the verge of being finished.  Thanks for keeping updated with new works and supporting me with my art!