Thursday, June 16, 2011

Puffer... from the "Children of Myth" Collection

Hello!  I just finished another piece for my Children of Myth Collection.  His name is "Puffer".  My husband thinks that it is a stupid name...but I like it and that's what matters;).

I knew that when I created my boy mermaid that I wanted to include a puffer fish.  I love puffer fish... even though most are poisonous... and I just love the idea of a little mere-boy scaring the little creature.  I added the clown fish just to add more color and pull your eye to the bottom of the painting.

I am happy with how it turned out... even though this one was a little hard for me.  The color scheme is very difficult for me.  It is way out of my comfort zone of dark earthy colors (which is what I normally like to use) and I just had to keep redrawing him until he is just the way that I wanted him.  I have about 23 hours in this one.

Thanks for reading my little bit of nonsense. Any questions please feel free to contact me. Take Care!