Saturday, January 18, 2014

Those Who Know - November's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art

A recap of November's "Fan"tastical story...

One of you suggested writing specific glyphs on wands made of sacred woods that would indicate a particular entity, then case the wands and see which entity they indicate to help us figure out whether Iris or Hermes is involved with the Giovanni disappearance. 

Casting the wands is a great idea, but can anyone suggest a good person/creature to contact who has experience with such matters? Seems a bit too tricky for amateurs like us to perform successfully. 
For the love of Peter, Paul, and Mary, this is one aggravating situation!
No Celtic fae at the meadow currently, so we got in touch with a Shadow Hunter. Thanks goodness for all the contacts we've accumulated the past few years. He easily cast the wands for us and the resulting answer was... both Hermes and Iris.
It seems that finding the blasted snake will be our next plan of action. Cira can return to her cloud bank, but would be cutting her earthbound vacation short by several weeks. We hate to ask her to return early since she so rarely gets to visit the land.
Ideas on how to trap a snake associated with Greek gods and goddesses?
The Mount Olympus gang still refuse to help with the Giovanni situation at all. No Hephaestus, Artemis, or Apollo. Not even Ares, who has been known to bend rules on occasion. That means Jones and Knotter are going on a road trip to Ireland!
While Cira and I stay in the area, Jones and Knotter are going to seek out St. Patrick in hopes of him helping us find the magical snake who started all of this.
The ogres are still staking out my home and the meadow in hopes of capturing Gio. My grocery bill has grown astronomical thanks to all the fresh veggies we have to use to protect the area. At least the local critters are enjoying the leafy greens, so we aren't wasting the food, but it is pricy! Got another more cost effective way to guard the homestead from odious ogres?
Well, we ended up hiring a gargoyle to patrol the perimeter of our property in an attempt to keep us safe from the ogres. His name is Alphonse, he is armed with an iron fireplace poker, and is WAY cheaper that all those veggies. Alphonse has been nothing but professional. We love him!
Jones and Knotter left for Ireland a few hours ago. They are taking a sky schooner and should arrive by sunrise tomorrow. We don't have a really solid plan for locating St. Patrick once they land. I think we may have to rely on the kindness of the Celtic fae.
Knotter and Jones are safely ensconced in an inn just outside of Listowel, Ireland. Jones reports that the two merrow sisters who own the inn and their husbands have been extremely helpful so far.
Dwyn and Inira instructed Knotter on where to find the most talented iron worker in the area so a gift for Queen Brighid can be commissioned. Meanwhile, Jones is hanging out with some of those hearth fairies you suggested she contact. Jones is hoping to get details on how best to locate Brighid's late fall/early winter location.
Alphonse continues to do a fine job keeping the ogres at bay with his fireplace poker, though we did notice that the number of them is slowly rising every few days. We may have to get another armed gargoyle soon.

Since the number of ogres staking out the house in hopes of catching Giovanni continues to rise, Alphonse asked two of his retired uncles to join him in his home security duties. Uncle Maurice and Uncle Pascal are just as reliable and dedicated as their gargoyle nephew. Also, they gave me a deal on their services, so I am both safe and happy!
Knotter commissioned a beautiful iron-esque chandelier to be made as a gift for Brighid. Jones received confirmation from a group of chatty hearth fairies that Kildare is definitely the place to go to find out Brighid's winter location. Jones and Knotter will be leaving for their next Ireland destination in the morning!
Alphonse, Pascal, and Maurice are having a ball roughing up the ogres. The big clods are staying far away from the pointy ends of the gargoyles' metal pokers! I am a wee bit irritated that the security team keeps snacking on my pea gravel driveway, but it's better than ogres snacking on me and my family.
Knotter and Jones took the custom chandelier to Kildare and were successful in the attempts to contact Brighid thanks to a grove of fir trees. Though they could only address an envoy sent by Brighid, Jones and Knotter did learn the best way to get in touch with St. Patrick. They were told St. Patrick would appear before them if they could capture a snake within the land of Ireland and then encircle the serpent with a ring of 4 leaf clovers.
Our girls are going to be busy searching through the clovers, unless you have a tip or two to help speed up their efforts?
The Ireland adventure continues! Jones refuses to work with leprechauns again after a nasty run-in a few decades ago, but she did like the scrying suggestion. One scrying session resulted in locating 17 four leaf clovers - not too shabby. Figuring that time was fleeting, Knotter used a replicating chant and turned the 17 clovers into several hundred before you could say "Bubble beards and willow wisps!"
Clovers in hand, our girls returned to the merrow-run inn to seek help from a snake goblin. Jones recalled seeing a "work wanted" board in the inn's parlor and could have sworn she saw a poster for local goblin clans.
Sure enough, the board still had the goblin information. With directions from the merrows in hand, Jones and Knotter located the abandoned mine the goblins were inhabiting. After some back and forth, an agreement was reached. Jones (with some help from Knotter) would tidy up the mine and one of the snake goblins would use his powers to entice a serpent to a designated area.
The gals are almost done with their end of the bargain - let's hope tonight's summoning goes well!

To be continued in December's "Fan"tastical story!

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