Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Iris of the Rainbow - December's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art Piece

A recap of December's "Fan"tastical story...

We are soooo close to cracking the Giovanni case!
St. Patrick did appear for Jones and Knotter after they performed the snake ceremony. He told them the answer to their quest would be shown to them if they would deliver a missive for him to Echidna. He dropped the scroll at their feet and disappeared before they could even ask where to find Echidna.
The snake goblin thinks they should search for the Mother of All Monsters in an area saturated with serpents, while the merrow inn keepers think Greece is a better bet.
Where to begin and what defense strategies should they plan on using?
Greece was the ticket!
Finding one of Echidna's children versus Echidna herself seemed like an easier task, so Jones and Knotter roamed the Grecian shores, eyes peeled. Figuring that most of the monsters of Greece were meat eaters, they carried a lovely Ch√Ęteaubriand cut of beef with them to make obtaining information a little easier.
Before long they stumbled into the Aetos Kaukasios (Caucasian Eagle) and decided to see if he could be persuaded to spill the beans on his mother's location. Lucky thing one of you smarties suggested bringing a nice piece of meat, because the Eagle sang like a canary at the chance to eat something other than liver!
Following the Eagle's directions, our gals found Echidna in the company of one of her other children, Orthrus. Not wanting to get too close to the two-headed dog, Jones lobbed the scroll from St. Patrick at the mutt, who caught the paper in one of its mouths and delivered the parchment to his mother. Once Echidna unfurled the scroll, a large rainbow appeared in the sky over her shoulder. Confirmation that Iris is behind keeping our Gio out of contact range!
The girls are back from Greece and have been working frantically on finding a solution to our Giovanni situation. The number of ogres continues to swell and our gargoyle guards may not be able to keep them at bay for much longer.
We decided to alter the decorative fountain Giovanni left us as a gift in the meadow and it is almost finished. We've tweaked it to include more spraying jets and a mirrored bottom. Hoping that Iris will appreciate it as an offering and release our friend.
Think of anything else we can do to the fountain or in general to sweeten the pot for Iris?
Prisms - check. Suncatchers - check. Mirror balls - check. Reflective balls - check. Think we have cornered the market on shiny surfaces for the Iris fountain.
As soon as the first rays of sun hit the fountain tomorrow, Knotter is going to throw a little something into the water as a communication offering. I think it should be a shiny ring, but Jones thinks a rainbow-themed item would be better.
What are your thoughts?
Will give you all the details tomorrow, but the whole Gio fiasco boils down to goddess jealousy - pretty darn silly once you hear it all.
You know, I used to think that at least a few of the Greek gods and goddesses were mellow and not so petty. Boy, was I WRONG.
Knotter, Jones, and I had thought that Iris was keeping Giovanni and Tatiana captive to protect them from the pack of angry ogres searching for him. The REAL reason was that she was jealous of the water fountain he had left for us in the meadow. Iris felt it was too extravagant a gift for us plebeians and should have been a gift for her.
See, after we blinged out the fountain and threw a rainbow-themed gemstone ring into the water to call upon Iris, she actually made an appearance in the meadow. Knotter and Jones groveled, complimented, and fawned over the goddess until she revealed the reasoning behind her actions. After we agreed to dedicate the fountain in her honor, she snapped her fingers and announced Gio and Tatiana were released.
Iris then left, but before disappearing on us, I asked if she could please help us get rid of the ogres surrounding my home. Her answer was no, that's Giovanni's responsibility and she melted into a mist.
I immediately sent a messenger owl to beg Giovanni to return to the meadow and dispatch the ogres. As wonderful as our crew of security gargoyles are, the number of ogres is keeping is making all of us a little uneasy.
Best holiday present ever - Giovanni is back! Our favorite former Midnight King showed up on our doorstop this morning, Tatiana bringing up the rear. Luckily we forewarned Alphonse and his family that they would hopefully be showing up soon or the gargoyles would have roughed them up a bit.
I am so glad that Giovanni has made his change for good, because he dispersed the group of ogres with a mere wave of his hand. I cannot imagine that power falling back into evil.
He likes the idea of adding a garden to the fountain area, but insists we keep it far from Iris' tribute. He doesn't want to risk angering her again!
Off to chat with Gio by the fire again - we have a lot to catch up on.

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