Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Places to go, People to see

Summer is here and for many people that means VACATION!

Now we know that you'll all be coming to visit Cherie at the Bristol Renaissance Faire at least once this summer, but what about during the week when you are craving for a vacation fantasy fix and the weekend is nowhere in sight? We've got you covered.

Close to home: Wizard Quest - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Located in downtown Dells, Wizard Quest is an interactive computer game that has you searching the fantasy realms for imprisoned wizards. Havoc, the bad guy, has hidden them and won't let you release the wizards until you have gathered enough "glimmers", which are points, by answering various questions about the fantasy creatures you encounter. You have a 90 minute time limit before the wizards are trapped forever!

This place is fabulous for kids and adults alike. There are slides, mirror mazes, amazing fantasy art displays, and more. Story lines and displays are changed every so often, which makes this a repeatable destination. This is one of my most favorite places in the Dells - makes a brownie feel right at home!

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Road trip worthy: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter -  Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
This amusement park is chock-full of Harry Potter goodness! Whether you want to purchase a wand, chug a butterbeer, or send an "owl" to your friends back home, you will be able to live out your wizarding fantasies with other magical folks.

Besides riding hippogriff and dragon-themed roller coasters, you can stop in at Honeyduke's for sweets, partake in an English luncheon at The Three Broomsticks, load up on gag items in Zonko's, and pop over to Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods for the latest Quidditch accessories.

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World travel: Efteling, The Netherlands
Said to be a source of inspiration for Walt Disney, Efteling is a European treasure. There is a hedge maze filled with secret surprises, a forest inhabited by fairytale creatures , live shows, rides, shopping, and more. It seems like a great mix of Six Flags Great America and the Disney Parks. I cannot possibly do it justice by my descriptions, so take a peek at these clips.

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Magical travels and be sure to bring Cherie a souvenir from your adventures!