Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Calliope and Floyd - "Fan"tasical Fantasy Art

When walking through the meadow near her home, Cherie and her daughter discovered a colony of mischievous little tree sprites. Little did they know that the tricksters could be so big-hearted...

Magical spaces, just as in the ordinary world, can be full of sadness and during a meadow walk, Cherie came upon an orphaned pair of hummingbird eggs. A neighborhood cat, acting as animals do, killed and ate the poor bird, leaving the eggs to be unattended.

Luckily, the tree sprites eagerly volunteered to take over parenting duties. They created a new, cozier nest for them and kept a constant guard over the eggs. Cherie provided them with little knit hats to keep warm during the chilly weather and constructed an overhang to make sure no one got soaked.

Once the hummingbirds were born, the tree sprites built boobie traps around their tree to protect their "ugly babies" as they called them. And some very generous chickadees volunteered to help feed the little ones. All the meadow inhabitants were excited about the fragile life that survived.

Just as like any new parent, the tree sprites were very proud with each milestone the hummingbirds reached. From nest building to learning how to eat from flowers, the sprites took special care of their babies. They even went as far as to relocate their whole colony to a new tree in the meadow so the hummingbirds could have an enchanted home with them. Now the whole family can live together year-round.

After a vote, the "ugly babies" were renamed Calliope and Floyd and were presented with tiny flower crowns as they made their transition from helpless creatures to full-fledged adults.

Cherie and her daughter still make their way to the meadow to visit Calliope, Floyd, and their family on a regular basis. Now the tree sprites are talking about adopting again....

This piece of art is part of Mystic Moon Media's "Fan"tasical Fantasy Art collection. Each month a mythological story is introduced on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Whenever someone participates in the storyline, they are helping to steer the direction of that month's art piece. 

At the end of the month, the final artwork is revealed and one lucky person who commented on the story receives a free "Fan"tastical print. 

We hope you'll join us on our next adventure!