Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking Forward To... The Seelie Players

For their 25th anniversary season, the Bristol Renaissance Faire has a number of well-loved entertainment acts, along with a smattering of new performers. The one new act I am most excited about is "Sirena," as performed by The Seelie Players. 

According to their Facebook page, The Seelie Players "is a traveling performance arts troupe. We perform nationwide at renaissance festivals, corporate events, private parties, or any special occasion that needs a touch of fantasy. We offer fantasy and atmosphere characters such as fairies, living dolls, and human statues; and we love creating brand new characters to fit specific events." 

The Sirena: From Down Below We Sing show will feature members of The Seelie Players portraying sirens of the sea who use original songs and drumming to entice and enchant audience members. 

Snippets of music from their show sound gorgeous - click here to listen. 

And get a load of these character photos - who wouldn't want to see these ladies perform? 

Photos from The Seelie Players Facebook page

Click here for The Seelie Players website and here for their Facebook page. See you at their show!