Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Follow that Rainbow

February - where did you go? In just a little over a week it will be March and you know what that means... St. Patrick's Day!

For some of us, that means plenty of green beer, corn beef, and cabbage. For others, it means reflecting on their Irish heritage. At Mystic Moon Media, we tend to focus on the little people or as they are more commonly known - leprechauns!

Our goal this year is to trap a leprechaun sometime during the month of March. Sure, they are usually out in full force for St. Patricks' Day, but rumor has it they like to stick around these parts until April.

Here are some ideas we've gathered for leprechaun traps. We'll keep you posted about our final choice on our Facebook page and we encourage you to try to humanely trap one of the little people, too - especially if you have children in the house.

The Edible Leprechaun Trap
Underneath the pile of gold coins is a trap door that the leprechauns fall through. They must remain in the center pit until they are released or you decide to serve the rainbow cake.
 Delicious and diabolical!
See Not Martha for instructions.

The PVC Leprechaun Trap
This trap uses PVC pipe, a pulley system, and "liquid gold" to ensnare a leprechaun. When they leprechaun tries to lift the glass for a drink, it trips the mechanism and becomes trapped underneath the cup.
See Steve Spangler for instructions.

The Leprechaun Hat Pit Trap
This trap uses a specially rigged oatmeal container. After the leprechaun climbs the ladder and grabs the gold nugget, it falls through the false lid.
See Family Fun for instructions.