Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello!  I have finished the next of the "Children of Myth" collection... and I just love this little guy!  I am naming him "Hoot" and I think that it fits him.

I wanted to do a little fairy boy with an owl.  I loved the idea of these two being best friends.  I pictured this little fairy with similar patterns on his skin as the owl, the two looking very much alike.  I always see photos of little owls sitting upon a fence posts and I liked the idea of the two of the sitting there... looking for trouble.
The colors of the sunflowers just enhanced the colors in the owl and the fairy boy and accented well with the rust in the barbwire.

I wanted to show more steps on how this was created... but when I get going on a painting.... I lose track of what is going on around me.  I also lose all track of time!  So when I remembered to save the steps it was too late!  I also drove my husband crazy on this one... because while I was painting I played the same 8 songs over and over again in my iTunes. Hee...Hee!

Well that's about it.. until next time...