Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Within The Deep"... New for 2011

Here is my first finished piece of 2011.  I have been working on this one for a while now.  I call her "Within the Deep".  This piece is part of my Random Creations Collection.

I had started working on her a few months back.  I had a vision of a mermaid deep in the waters camouflaged within the plant life.  The idea of mermaids just fascinate me!  To be half fish... to swim down in the unknown... the depth of the ocean to explore... so with that idea I started sketching.  In the beginning stages of a drawing I always sketch and then blend/paint in a sepia tones. 
Here is a small glimpse of that:

 As the painting develops... I then add color.

I am starting to work out of my comfort zone with the choice of color.  This is very challenging for me to use different color combinations.  On "Within the Deep" I have deiced to use a split complementary color scheme of Yellow-Greens, Violet and Red. I chose these colors because... well... violet is my favorite color and the yellow-green of the seaweed was a great match.
The pops of red was just the little unexpected elements.

I really enjoyed painting this one.  I hope that you enjoy it too.   Thanks for supporting my art!