Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy... Busy... Busy...

I have been very busy here at Mystic Moon Media!
We have our new website up and running.  I am very happy on the way that it turned out and I hope that you agree.  It allows you to view everything that I have in a new way allowing for easy navigation!

I also have opened my new ArtFire Shoppe!  All the items that I sell on Etsy (and more) are now sold in my Artfire shoppe.  I am not going to close my Etsy Shoppe... because I love Etsy... but for those that do not can now have an alternative to purchasing items like my Book of Shadows in a different venue.


What I am working on....
Right now I am working on building my Zazzle Shoppe.   Zazzle is awesome with all the different products that I can offer you from tee-shirts to mugs... not only that there are a great deal of wonderful artists that you can purchase from.   The artwork is just amazing!!!

Artwork Creation...
I am working on my Warrior Fay collection... and it is turning out nicely!!  As soon as I can give a peek of what is new I will!

Well... Thanks for reading all my dull Blah...Blah...Blah....;)