Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 What's New with the New Year?

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much for a wonderful 2009 season.  I meet a great deal of new people at the fair this year and what fun we had!  Thanks for coming out to the faire and experiencing the faire with me.

New Printer- Yippee!!!
We have a few new exciting things going around here so far in 2010.  One thing is that we now can print in-house up to 11x14... how does that affect you?  Well when you approve your Mystic Portrait or place a reorder, it can be printed  immediately and shipped to you asap.  No more waiting 1-2 weeks before your prints can be printed! Yeah!!!!! (Sorry but this makes me so very happy!)

New Journal Design-
Okay, Okay... after about what seems like making about a million journals, I feel that there needs to be a change... so this year there will be a new journal design... what it will be I am not quite sure... still in the trial phases.  But... as soon as I decided I will post it for you can see.

Digital Painting Collections for 2010-
In the works right now are some great collections for 2010.  My first collection is...
 • Warrior Fay- This collection will show the fay as protectors and warriors usually not portrayed in the faerie realm.
• Season of the Dragon- I wanted to create a dragon for each of the seasons; Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn.  Each dragon and the elements of the painting will represent all that you will see in it's season.

Thanks reading though all this babble.
Blessed Be-