Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome... it is about time I caught up with technology!

Hello everyone...
Thanks for visiting my Blog. I know... fantasy artist that works only with digital media and no blog... whats wrong with that picture? Well here it is. First I want to say thank you for all your wonderful emails. I wish that I can answer all of you... but now a days it is becoming very difficult. So I hope that this is good start to answer those emails.

First... yes it is true. We have purchased a permanent location Bristol Renaissance Faire. We are now located at 22 Farnham Way E. When you enter the faire at the main gates we are the second shoppe on your right. This was the old Mask Shoppe that has been there for many years... and don't worry the Mask Shoppe is still there too just in a new location.

Also... I am introducing a new collection of artworks... my "Zodiac Collection". This collection is a combination of my love with the Fae and my love of the stars... please feel free to view it at my website at: http://www.mysticmoonmedia.com/subpages/art.html
at my Etsy store at:

Who is WE? Are you the only Artist?
Yes, I am the only one that creates the artwork... but my business cannot function without the wonderful help of my family. If it was not for my supporting husband,
my daughter (my joy and soul), my Mother and my three wonderful yet sassy sisters... I would not be where I am today. When I say "we" I mean all of them. And I greatly appreciate the blessing that they all are to me in my life.

Do you really draw your art... or is your work cut and paste?
Yes... I draw. ALL my artwork is created on the computer and believe it or not... I DRAW all of it. I work on a wacom tablet and I start all my artworks with a sketch like on paper... then I keep drawing to create the piece that I want to achieve... to see an example of this visit:

My Mystic Portraits start a little different... I start with a cropped image of my client. I turn that image all into sepia tones... then from there I DRAW in all the clothes, background, wings and elements that the client has asked for. Then I recolor the client to give it a seamless effect. When I use this photo of the client... it is just a foundation to create the portrait on top of. To see an example of how a portrait is created please visit:

Why is your Mystic Portraits priced higher then similar portraits on eBay?
Well... that's because I DRAW all the elements in to create a piece of artwork. I do not simply cut and paste. I draw a custom background, clothes, wings and elements onto a sepia tone of your image. I just don't stick a pair of butterfly wings on the image of you or your child and leave them in the clothes that you were wearing. I transform you into this fantasy world... This is very time consuming and a portrait can take me anywhere from 4-6 hours. My longest portrait that I have created took me close to 40 hours.

Why do you not like to discuss a portrait before a deposit?
I feel bad for this... I used to discuss the creation of a portrait before I required a deposit... but due to the large amount of emails that I receive (over 100 a day during faire season) I had to stop this. I would spend hours discussing about a portrait with people that never purchased one. This time could have been used to go towards those clients that did purchase a portrait. This was not fair to those who purchased a portrait with me. So I am truly sorry if this causes any inconvenience with anyone.

What about your book?
Yes... I am in the process of creating a book with my Mystic Portraits... but this project is in its beginning stages. I know that we wanted to release it in the summer of 2009... but at last my planning was a little of. It is still being created and I will contact everyone pertaining to this project in the near future... thanks for you patience.

Well here are a few questions answered and I will try the best that I can to keep you updated with all my unanswered emails....

Thanks again for those who made my first season at the Bristol Renaissance Faire a "hoot" and I cannot wait to see all of you again!