Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Burl of Fate - September's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art

A recap of September's "Fan"tastical story....

A mysterious hooded person of sorts has been following me around lately. They flit out of view whenever I happen to notice them and they always seem to have a spool of heavy string with them..
Not exactly sure it's a Fate following me around... keep finding string-like objects around the house tied in knots. Dental floss, telephone wires, butcher's string, extension cords, etc.
Sometimes the obvious solution is the most difficult to see! I totally forgot about Giovanni's enchanted net and set up a boobie trap to catch my secret follower and I now have my answer!
After untangling her from the netting, I asked her if she was one of the Fates. She signed the word family. I asked her if she was Ananke. She again signed family. Then I just asked her her name and she signed knotter. Confused, I called for Jones and got an explanation.
According to one of her many books on magical creatures, Jones found that The Knotter is a half-sister of the Fates. Her job is to tie knots into people's life strings as a way to signify important life events. Birth, marriage, children, etc. She has no power over the length of a person's life, but can influence when certain things happen. She is also unable to speak as her tongue was cut out by her jealous half-sisters.
Now to try to figure out why she came to see me!
I have to say it, you are all far too smart for your own good. You were on to something when you suggested my powerful friends must somehow be a reason for Knotter's appearance.
While it isn't her sisters who are growing concerned about my ever-expanding list of allies, Knotter did tell me that someone higher up is getting suspicious. Mnemosyne, the mother of the famous Muses, has her eye on me.
Mnemosyne is under the impression that I will attempt to overthrow her daughters with the help of my friends. No way would I try to offend the children of Zeus and a titaness!
Going to be keeping the new friend-making to a minimum. Still not entirely sure why Knotter felt I should be warned about all of this...
I am livid! Found out who has been whispering evil thoughts about me into Mnemosyne's ear... Evandora! Guess Poseidon let her live after all and she has been trying to get her revenge. Sea witch, more like sea cow!
Got these details from Ira, our favorite Green Man. He is on good terms with Demeter, who heard about the Mnemosyne story from Persephone. It's like a soap opera!
Knotter became involved with the whole drama because she is one of the victims of Evandora's meddling. The sea witch caused the original discord between Knotter and her half-sisters in an attempt to take control of The Thread of Life. Knotter doesn't want another life affected by Evandora's meddling.
How the heck I am supposed to protect myself against a vindictive sea witch with close ties to gods, goddesses, and titans?!?
I am trying a 3-prong defense plan against Evandora based on your suggestions.
  1. Perform a sage cleanse on my home.
    2. Create a delicious death-by-chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and burn it for Zeus' olfactory pleasure, requesting he intercede with Evandora's plans for revenge.
    3. Send word via harpie to Clio, Muse of history, and ask her to review all of Evandora's misdeeds in the past. This may shine some light onto her true character and get the Muses to speak with their mother and father on my behalf.

    Knotter has kept busy with finalizing momentous occasions in people's Threads of Life. Jones asked to see hers and every time she touched a knot, an image from that day flashed in her mind. I'm tempted to ask to look at mine, but am a little afraid I'll freak out.
Knotter plans on sticking around until we settle this Evandora business once and for all. If only she could tie a really BIG knot into the sea witch's thread
No word from Zeus or the Muse, Clio. But also haven't heard anything more about Evandora for the time being. It's tough sitting around and waiting for information! No news is good news, right?
Knotter taught me how to create a binding knot for protection. She also taught me how to make some gorgeous macrame plant hangers. At least Knotter is keeping my mind off revenge schemes
Ah ha! This morning I received confirmation from the Muse of History, Clio, that she had heard my plea for help with Evandora. Our (least) favorite sea witch has a very long history of trying to stir up trouble with the Olympians and their ilk, so it was not hard to convince Clio to help.
She spoke with her father, Zeus, and they've decided that it is obvious I did not pose any threat to the Muses or Mnemosyne. Zeus plans on personally taking care of Evandora. He has a special punishment in mind for her... as long as she stops making trouble for me, I'm all for it!

While I am grateful that this chapter seems over, I can't help but think Knotter may have more to her story than she is letting on.

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