Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wings of a Messenger - "Fan"tastical Art

A recap of July's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Story line...

Went for a little walk today to visit our friends in the meadow and was greeted with silence. No magical creature of any kind could be found. The tree sprites even left Calliope and Floyd to fend for themselves!
Heading back to my house I did find a note stuck to a tree. All it said was, "The Midnight King is coming." When I showed the letter to Jones she got very quiet and hid in her room for the rest of the afternoon.

When she emerged at dinner, Jones gave me a book that explained about The Midnight King. He is an ancient, never-aging sorcerer who travels across the world and has the ability to summon and control all types of creatures that inhabit the night. He isn't necessarily bad, but many evil beings gravitate toward him, which is rather scary.

She is now scouring the house for any items that can be used to protect the family. Hope we have something useful laying around...
Jones has protected the house against dark creatures using a whole slew of techniques you suggested. We are officially out of salt and sage. Nothing is getting into this place!

With the help of my binoculars, I did see a rather regal looking gentleman start setting up living quarters at the meadow this afternoon. He doesn't look very threatening, but we'll wait until nightfall to see what happens. If anything, her looks pretty lonely.

Maybe I'll stop over to visit with him tomorrow. Supposedly The Midnight King isn't as powerful in the day.
The visit with The Midnight King, or Giovanni as he asked me to call him, was absolutely lovely. At first. Then it took a sad turn.

A little after mid-day I tucked a bunch of lilies and a loaf of fresh bread into a basket and hiked over to the meadow. For extra safety precautions I hid that shed unicorn horn in the bunch of flowers.

So I wouldn't scare him, I called a greeting out before I set foot in his encampment. Giovanni was delighted to have a visitor and thrilled to receive gifts. He invited me to stay for a cup a tea, which I accepted after double-checking the unicorn horn hadn't combusted, signalling danger. All was safe.

We talked for hours and he told me all about his sad story. Playing with magic when he was a young man, accidentally killing his wife and two children during a magical spell gone awry, embracing the darkness before finding the light again, and trying to make amends for his past. Now he wanders the Earth, attempting to do some good when he can, though his former way of life isn't easily forgotten by others.

As I said goodbye and promised a visit later this week, I couldn't help but try to brainstorm problems within the local magical community that he might be able to solve as part of his redemption...
Managed to drag Jones with me to the meadow today. Literally. That little thing can put up a fight!

Giovanni was very kind to her when they met, even presenting her with an artifact long thought lost to the Brownie culture. While grateful, Jones is still leery of The Midnight King and has very reluctantly agreed to help us with his quest for redemption.

Giovanni likes the idea of helping those who have been troubled with a curse, jinx, or hex.
Been creating flyers for our evening with Giovanni where he will help people with their magical maladies.

Jones keeps referring to it as the Tupperware party. People are invited to come for snacks and see demonstrations before they make a (free) appointment.

We have asked our favorite hummingbirds, Calliope and Floyd, to help distribute flyers, and are still trying to locate more delivery critters...
Fauns, cats, otters, hummingbirds, and owls have been spreading the news about our open evening feast with The Midnight King far and wide.

At last count 23 members of the magical community have rsvp'ed that they will be attending tomorrow evening. Jones is making an assortment of snacks for our guests, though she is stumped as to what to prepare for our one chimera attendee.
The evening with The Midnight King started off well...

A variety of beleaguered creatures came to meet the mysterious person who could help them cure their woes and get some free nibbles.

While in disguise Giovanni reversed a scale-rot curse on a mermaid, helped a phoenix regrow his hexed off tail feathers, provided a gnome with hair strengthening tonic to stimulate beard growth, and performed a protection charm on a dryad being bothered by ogres.

After these acts of kindness Giovanni revealed himself and everybody scattered. Even the chimera.
Giovanni was going to throw in the towel about trying to change people's perception of him, but decided he just couldn't handle the loneliness anymore and is going to try a different plan.

There are several baddies in the magical world that everyone assumes The Midnight King is bffs with: Rollo, the giant that incessantly devours anything with wings (mainly fairies); Tatiana, the spider shape-shifter who likes to torture the less magically gifted creatures; Zalhem, the master of red caps in the Chestnut Hole Bog. Far too many have been killed due to the actions of these vile beings.

Who do you think Giovanni should try tackling first to prove his desire to make a positive life change?


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