Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Evandora Reborn... the remaking of Evandora

Our dearest Evandora.  I had created her for June's Fantastical Fantasy Collection.  Here she was done printed and ready for the Renaissance Faire.  Good to go... so I thought.

Well, as the weekends passed at the faire... there I was looking at her over and over again... hating what I had seen.  I am the biggest critic of my art.  There are things that I have drawn in the past that after I was finished  I was not happy with... yet the little things that I did not like were just little and I could live with it.  But not our dearest Evandora.  She haunted me.  As I looked at her over and over again... the balance in the picture was just off.  I knew she could be so much more... something more special.

But... she'd been announced to the world, printed and already for sale.  What do I do?  I can't change her now... can I?  Well, I came to the conclusion... why not!  So here she is... Evandora Reborn.
As for those who have purchased Evandora at the faire... if you wish to have Evandora Reborn instead... please feel free to contact me so we can exchange the print.  For those who wish to purchase the original Evandora... well it's too late... ~ Cherie