Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Goodies at Bristol!

This summer, when you visit the Mystic Moon Media (MMM) shoppe at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, you are eligible for some free goodies! That is, if you do the following:

1. Purchase any MMM tote bag, mug, or shirt from our Zazzle shoppe. *This deal has been amended to include ANY item from our Zazzle shoppe. Even the clocks!
2. Wear/use item during your visit to the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin.
3. Stop in the Mystic Moon Media shoppe to say hello and maybe purchase a couple of items, but at least say hello.
4. Point out to one of the shoppe employees that you have a MMM bag, mug, and/or shirt. *See change above.
5. Wait a moment for the shoppe employee to pull out the goodie basket for you to poke through.
6. Select an item.
7. Say thanks and be on your merry way!

That's it - easy, right? There are some stipulations....
1. One item, per person, per day.
2. You must purchase your tote bag, mug, or shirt through the Mystic Moon Media Zazzle shoppe.
3. No sharing bags, mugs, and/or shirts with friends to try to get more free stuff.
4. We reserve the right to cancel this giveaway at any time for any reason and may do so without warning. *This will most likely only happen if we catch people abusing the system. Or if we get such a huge response we run out of free stuff.