Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's Here - The Big Fat Fall Contest 2012!

Let's get down to business! Please carefully read the information below and enter our Big Fat Fall Contest. We think it'll be lots of fun and you won't want to miss out on the great prizes.

1st prize is a custom BOS/XL journal featuring the color scheme and Mystic Moon Media artwork of your choosing. ($95 value)

Example only. This book is not the actual prize. 

2nd prize is an 8x10 matted print of your choosing from Mystic Moon Media's artwork collection. ($20 value)

3rd, 4th, and 5th prize is a 5x7 matted print of your choosing from Mystic Moon Media's artwork collection. ($15 value)


How to Enter
1. Take a photograph of one of the available items from the "Eye Spy" list below. We will only accept one image of each item, so do not choose something from the list that is crossed off. You may photograph a real item, drawing, or other representation of the item. Be creative!
For example, I may choose "turtle" and write the word in sand at the beach. Or photograph a stuffed animal turtle. Or put my dog in a turtle costume. Or hunt one down in the wild. Or... do you get the idea?

If you are not the first person to send us a photograph of a particular item from the list, we will email you so you may try again. There are 100 items on the list and only 100 people may enter. The list will be updated every evening between the hours of 8 and 10pm, CST.

2. Send the photo as an email attachment to

3. Wait for us to announce the list of winners on November 20 on Facebook and our blog.


1. You may only submit photographs that YOU have taken. If we find out that you submitted a photo that belongs to someone else, you will disqualified and banned from our Facebook page. Please do not make us take such severe actions!

2. By emailing us a photograph entry, you are giving Mystic Moon Media permission to display it on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and blog. You are also giving us permission to use your first name and last initial.

3. This contest officially begins at 9:01pm, CST on October 20, 2012. Entries will not be accepted after 11:59pm on November 19, 2012.

4. All photographs must be rated "PG" and obscene images will be disqualified.

5. Only the first photograph of a particular item will be accepted. If you submit a photo that is already crossed off the list, you will be notified by email and allowed to submit another entry (if any spaces are still available).

6. The contest will be officially closed at 11:59pm CST on November 19, 2012, or when photos have been submitted for all 100 items, whichever occurs first.

7. This contest is only open to residents of the United States age 18 and up. EDIT: Residents of Canada may enter the contest, but by submitting a photograph you are agreeing to pay for half the shipping costs should you be selected a winner.

8. The rules for this contest may change at any time and without warning.

9. Winners will be randomly selected.

10. Winners must take actual prizes and may not request cash in lieu of prizes.

11. One entry per person.

12. By entering the contest you agree to all rules.

Eye Spy List

  1. dragon
  2. unicorn
  3. griffin
  4. centaur
  5. mermaid
  6. fairy
  7. vampire
  8. mummy
  9. ghost
  10. knight
  11. queen
  12. king
  13. werewolf
  14. gnome
  15. witch
  16. wizard
  17. monster
  18. pirate
  19. ninja
  20. zombie
  21. black cat
  22. horse
  23. The Goblin King
  24. A Goonie
  25. skeleton
  26. frogs playing pool
  27. rainbow
  28. a wand 
  29. a sword
  30. a shield
  31. fairy wings
  32. a treasure chest
  33. parrot
  34. a flower garland
  35. mug of butterbeer
  36. Smurf
  37. glass eye
  38. wolf
  39. full moon
  40. Thor
  41. Lion-O
  42. Fizzgig
  43. an ewok
  44. ruby slippers
  45. flying monkey
  46. flying pig
  47. Chewbacca
  48. Bertie Botts Beans
  49. a fairy door
  50. My Little Pony
  51. raven
  52. toadstool
  53. owl
  54. Good Luck Bear
  55. cape
  56. treasure map
  57. skull
  58. worm
  59. a tribble
  60. cupcake
  61. feather
  62. seashell
  63. wooden stake
  64. Mr. Gordo
  65. pair of vampire fangs
  66. candle
  67. walking staff
  68. quartz crystal
  69. a mad hatter
  70.  looking glass
  71. pocket watch
  72. white rabbit 
  73. Transformer
  74. Cabbage Patch doll
  75. tarot card
  76. pickle on a stick
  77. fairy poo
  78. dragonfly
  79. constellation
  80. shooting star
  81. snake
  82. Beetlejuice
  83. bow and arrow
  84. dagger
  85. chalice
  86. Grinchel
  87. leather mask
  88. whip
  89. bubbles
  90. sunset/sunrise
  91. claws
  92. horns
  93. Pegasus
  94. leprechaun
  95. Hobbit hole
  96. snail
  97. storm trooper
  98. R.O.U.S.
  99. TARDIS
  100. jester