Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gnome Olympics - August "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art

Here is a little recap of all the madness that occurred at Cherie’s house during the month of August…

·         Someone bring me coffee. I've been up since 4 o'clock thanks to unexpected guests - garden gnomes. The previous owner of our house rented the yard space to the little buggers every 5 years for a month-long retreat. She didn't bother to tell them she moved, so now I have every shape and sized gnome imaginable setting up campsites outside my patio door.

·         When the gnomes took over my backyard, I thought it'd be a pretty easy going crowd. Not so much. They want to be catered to and pampered and seem to think I am responsible for their entertainment. Jones, my technology brownie, has volunteered to be their activities director. I have to go now... we are heading outside to turn my daughter's kiddie pool into a gnome hot tub.

·         Well, Jones tried the picnic suggestion today with the gnomes. She invited a group of sylphs who are visiting the meadow and sweet-talked a quartet of bullfrogs into helping keep an eye on the festivities. Things went pretty well until one of the Geyser gnomes broke out several dozen bottles of dandelion wine. The sylphs ran off after some naughty gnomes got a bit handsy and we had to construct a drunk holding area until the lot of them sobered up. Thank goodness the bullfrogs were here to help Jones corral the trouble makers.

·         Jones is busy getting the Gnome Olympics organized. We think it's going to turn out great. I am in charge of the "outdoor theater" that will be running in my garage later tonight. First flick will be "The Princess Bride" and now I have to find something for the second half of the double-feature...

·         Hard at work on new art pieces, but finding it difficult to concentrate with the Gnome Olympics happening in my backyard. Today Jones has them competing in garden hose rodeo and toad lifting.

·         Won't have the final stats on the Gnome Olympics until next week since they have a few more events, but Jones and I are excited that some lady gnomes will be joining us for the remainder of the gnome retreat! Today's competitions are toad tobogganing down the slip and slip, toadstool jumping, and grass blade javelin throw. 

·         I have to hand it to the male gnomes, those guys are up for anything. When Jones told them that the ladies were coming and we'd have some special activities for them, they wanted in. Everyone is enjoying full-body earthworm massages, mud pie facials, and minnow foot treatments.

·         The co-ed gnome retreat heated up last night with a soup cook-off between the males and the females. The tree sprites from the meadow stopped in to be our official judges. The winners of the golden spoon were..... the men! The chunky potato, turnip, and leek soup they threw together was outstanding. The lady gnomes made a tomato, basil, and onion soup that was tasty, but not quite as good.

·         More gnome tomfoolery! Got a "cheeky" surprise when I opened my blinds last night to check on the bonfire and sing-along. A row of 10 little behinds were pressed up against my glass patio door. Yep, they mooned me.

·         My brownie told me who the culprits were and they received a surprise dose of Pop Rocks sprinkled in their salads tonight. They weren't too happy, but declared us even.

·         Do you hear that? No? That is the sound of silence! When I arrived home from the faire last night all of our little gnome friends were gone. They left the yard immaculate - actually better than when they arrived. Jones, my brownie, was supervising the exodus and said that those yard gnomes did a little landscaping as a thank you for hosting their get-together. I'll miss the little buggers, but am glad to have a break!

This piece of art is part of Mystic Moon Media's "Fan"tasical Fantasy Art collection. Each month a mythological story is introduced on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Whenever someone participates in the storyline, they are helping to steer the direction of that month's art piece. 

At the end of the month, the final artwork is revealed and one lucky person who commented on the story receives a free "Fan"tastical print. 

We hope you'll join us on our next adventure!