Sunday, January 22, 2012

Faire Favorites: Entertainment Edition

While it might only be January, the folks at Mystic Moon Media are already gearing up for July and the opening of the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Cherie has been one busy lady. Journals and Books of Shadows are being hand-constructed, new art work is being drawn, and hundreds of prints are being matted and framed in anticipation of the faire's 25th season.

Another reason we have the faire on the brain: Adam Crack. He is a fire whip performer who has been entertaining the masses at Bristol for the past few seasons and we've received word that he will be appearing on the Conan O'Brien show this upcoming Tuesday, January 24.

The Mystic Moon Media Bristol shop staff has a few favorite faire acts and Adam is on the list.You can't go wrong with whip cracking and when you add the fire element = one exciting show.

Adam Crack - "Adam performs sophisticated, high-energy routines, featuring Adam's dry humor in spoken material, anecdotes, historical or educational stories. And yes, there is room for audience interaction in his shows, always more than just a series of amazing tricks. Routines include single-handed whip cracking, double-handed multi-crack demos, stunts and tricks including balloon popping, candle snuffing, paper cutting, flower snipping, whip dancing, wraps, fire whips, and much, much more." -

Other favs include:

Tartanic - "Dressed in kilts and sunglasses, Tartanic gives its audiences a barrage of sound from not one but TWO Highland Bagpipes, and three percussionists. Imagine one dancer, six drums, six drones, 18 notes, fast fingers, high comedy, flying bagpipes, taste-defying stunts and scorching hot music played at over 120 beats per minute with driving speed and high-volume, all brought to you by five men without pants." -

Barely Balanced - "Come watch as Margret, Cameron, and Jimmy, or as you will come to know and love them,“Small,” “Medium,” and “Large,” balance precariously on top of each other, contort their limbs, and juggle knives as razor sharp as their wit. They'll incorporate a cornucopia of circus props into the fun including: Chinese yoyo (of death), rolla bolla (of doom), and hula hoop (of no particular threat). They may even use one of their favorite and most unpredictable props- YOU!"

Christophe the Insultor - "I am Christophe the Insultor, Archbastard. I make my living insulting people for money. If you find any part of this site insulting to you personally, you owe me money. Means for you to pay your debt will be provided on the page where I sell things." -

Now if you'll excuse us, we have a DVR to program for Tuesday evening!