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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Iris of the Rainbow - December's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art Piece

A recap of December's "Fan"tastical story...

We are soooo close to cracking the Giovanni case!
St. Patrick did appear for Jones and Knotter after they performed the snake ceremony. He told them the answer to their quest would be shown to them if they would deliver a missive for him to Echidna. He dropped the scroll at their feet and disappeared before they could even ask where to find Echidna.
The snake goblin thinks they should search for the Mother of All Monsters in an area saturated with serpents, while the merrow inn keepers think Greece is a better bet.
Where to begin and what defense strategies should they plan on using?
Greece was the ticket!
Finding one of Echidna's children versus Echidna herself seemed like an easier task, so Jones and Knotter roamed the Grecian shores, eyes peeled. Figuring that most of the monsters of Greece were meat eaters, they carried a lovely Ch√Ęteaubriand cut of beef with them to make obtaining information a little easier.
Before long they stumbled into the Aetos Kaukasios (Caucasian Eagle) and decided to see if he could be persuaded to spill the beans on his mother's location. Lucky thing one of you smarties suggested bringing a nice piece of meat, because the Eagle sang like a canary at the chance to eat something other than liver!
Following the Eagle's directions, our gals found Echidna in the company of one of her other children, Orthrus. Not wanting to get too close to the two-headed dog, Jones lobbed the scroll from St. Patrick at the mutt, who caught the paper in one of its mouths and delivered the parchment to his mother. Once Echidna unfurled the scroll, a large rainbow appeared in the sky over her shoulder. Confirmation that Iris is behind keeping our Gio out of contact range!
The girls are back from Greece and have been working frantically on finding a solution to our Giovanni situation. The number of ogres continues to swell and our gargoyle guards may not be able to keep them at bay for much longer.
We decided to alter the decorative fountain Giovanni left us as a gift in the meadow and it is almost finished. We've tweaked it to include more spraying jets and a mirrored bottom. Hoping that Iris will appreciate it as an offering and release our friend.
Think of anything else we can do to the fountain or in general to sweeten the pot for Iris?
Prisms - check. Suncatchers - check. Mirror balls - check. Reflective balls - check. Think we have cornered the market on shiny surfaces for the Iris fountain.
As soon as the first rays of sun hit the fountain tomorrow, Knotter is going to throw a little something into the water as a communication offering. I think it should be a shiny ring, but Jones thinks a rainbow-themed item would be better.
What are your thoughts?
Will give you all the details tomorrow, but the whole Gio fiasco boils down to goddess jealousy - pretty darn silly once you hear it all.
You know, I used to think that at least a few of the Greek gods and goddesses were mellow and not so petty. Boy, was I WRONG.
Knotter, Jones, and I had thought that Iris was keeping Giovanni and Tatiana captive to protect them from the pack of angry ogres searching for him. The REAL reason was that she was jealous of the water fountain he had left for us in the meadow. Iris felt it was too extravagant a gift for us plebeians and should have been a gift for her.
See, after we blinged out the fountain and threw a rainbow-themed gemstone ring into the water to call upon Iris, she actually made an appearance in the meadow. Knotter and Jones groveled, complimented, and fawned over the goddess until she revealed the reasoning behind her actions. After we agreed to dedicate the fountain in her honor, she snapped her fingers and announced Gio and Tatiana were released.
Iris then left, but before disappearing on us, I asked if she could please help us get rid of the ogres surrounding my home. Her answer was no, that's Giovanni's responsibility and she melted into a mist.
I immediately sent a messenger owl to beg Giovanni to return to the meadow and dispatch the ogres. As wonderful as our crew of security gargoyles are, the number of ogres is keeping is making all of us a little uneasy.
Best holiday present ever - Giovanni is back! Our favorite former Midnight King showed up on our doorstop this morning, Tatiana bringing up the rear. Luckily we forewarned Alphonse and his family that they would hopefully be showing up soon or the gargoyles would have roughed them up a bit.
I am so glad that Giovanni has made his change for good, because he dispersed the group of ogres with a mere wave of his hand. I cannot imagine that power falling back into evil.
He likes the idea of adding a garden to the fountain area, but insists we keep it far from Iris' tribute. He doesn't want to risk angering her again!
Off to chat with Gio by the fire again - we have a lot to catch up on.

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Those Who Know - November's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art

A recap of November's "Fan"tastical story...

One of you suggested writing specific glyphs on wands made of sacred woods that would indicate a particular entity, then case the wands and see which entity they indicate to help us figure out whether Iris or Hermes is involved with the Giovanni disappearance. 

Casting the wands is a great idea, but can anyone suggest a good person/creature to contact who has experience with such matters? Seems a bit too tricky for amateurs like us to perform successfully. 
For the love of Peter, Paul, and Mary, this is one aggravating situation!
No Celtic fae at the meadow currently, so we got in touch with a Shadow Hunter. Thanks goodness for all the contacts we've accumulated the past few years. He easily cast the wands for us and the resulting answer was... both Hermes and Iris.
It seems that finding the blasted snake will be our next plan of action. Cira can return to her cloud bank, but would be cutting her earthbound vacation short by several weeks. We hate to ask her to return early since she so rarely gets to visit the land.
Ideas on how to trap a snake associated with Greek gods and goddesses?
The Mount Olympus gang still refuse to help with the Giovanni situation at all. No Hephaestus, Artemis, or Apollo. Not even Ares, who has been known to bend rules on occasion. That means Jones and Knotter are going on a road trip to Ireland!
While Cira and I stay in the area, Jones and Knotter are going to seek out St. Patrick in hopes of him helping us find the magical snake who started all of this.
The ogres are still staking out my home and the meadow in hopes of capturing Gio. My grocery bill has grown astronomical thanks to all the fresh veggies we have to use to protect the area. At least the local critters are enjoying the leafy greens, so we aren't wasting the food, but it is pricy! Got another more cost effective way to guard the homestead from odious ogres?
Well, we ended up hiring a gargoyle to patrol the perimeter of our property in an attempt to keep us safe from the ogres. His name is Alphonse, he is armed with an iron fireplace poker, and is WAY cheaper that all those veggies. Alphonse has been nothing but professional. We love him!
Jones and Knotter left for Ireland a few hours ago. They are taking a sky schooner and should arrive by sunrise tomorrow. We don't have a really solid plan for locating St. Patrick once they land. I think we may have to rely on the kindness of the Celtic fae.
Knotter and Jones are safely ensconced in an inn just outside of Listowel, Ireland. Jones reports that the two merrow sisters who own the inn and their husbands have been extremely helpful so far.
Dwyn and Inira instructed Knotter on where to find the most talented iron worker in the area so a gift for Queen Brighid can be commissioned. Meanwhile, Jones is hanging out with some of those hearth fairies you suggested she contact. Jones is hoping to get details on how best to locate Brighid's late fall/early winter location.
Alphonse continues to do a fine job keeping the ogres at bay with his fireplace poker, though we did notice that the number of them is slowly rising every few days. We may have to get another armed gargoyle soon.

Since the number of ogres staking out the house in hopes of catching Giovanni continues to rise, Alphonse asked two of his retired uncles to join him in his home security duties. Uncle Maurice and Uncle Pascal are just as reliable and dedicated as their gargoyle nephew. Also, they gave me a deal on their services, so I am both safe and happy!
Knotter commissioned a beautiful iron-esque chandelier to be made as a gift for Brighid. Jones received confirmation from a group of chatty hearth fairies that Kildare is definitely the place to go to find out Brighid's winter location. Jones and Knotter will be leaving for their next Ireland destination in the morning!
Alphonse, Pascal, and Maurice are having a ball roughing up the ogres. The big clods are staying far away from the pointy ends of the gargoyles' metal pokers! I am a wee bit irritated that the security team keeps snacking on my pea gravel driveway, but it's better than ogres snacking on me and my family.
Knotter and Jones took the custom chandelier to Kildare and were successful in the attempts to contact Brighid thanks to a grove of fir trees. Though they could only address an envoy sent by Brighid, Jones and Knotter did learn the best way to get in touch with St. Patrick. They were told St. Patrick would appear before them if they could capture a snake within the land of Ireland and then encircle the serpent with a ring of 4 leaf clovers.
Our girls are going to be busy searching through the clovers, unless you have a tip or two to help speed up their efforts?
The Ireland adventure continues! Jones refuses to work with leprechauns again after a nasty run-in a few decades ago, but she did like the scrying suggestion. One scrying session resulted in locating 17 four leaf clovers - not too shabby. Figuring that time was fleeting, Knotter used a replicating chant and turned the 17 clovers into several hundred before you could say "Bubble beards and willow wisps!"
Clovers in hand, our girls returned to the merrow-run inn to seek help from a snake goblin. Jones recalled seeing a "work wanted" board in the inn's parlor and could have sworn she saw a poster for local goblin clans.
Sure enough, the board still had the goblin information. With directions from the merrows in hand, Jones and Knotter located the abandoned mine the goblins were inhabiting. After some back and forth, an agreement was reached. Jones (with some help from Knotter) would tidy up the mine and one of the snake goblins would use his powers to entice a serpent to a designated area.
The gals are almost done with their end of the bargain - let's hope tonight's summoning goes well!

To be continued in December's "Fan"tastical story!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cira and the Serpent - October's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art

A recap of October's "Fan"tastical story...

Even though it's pretty warm outside, I am chilled to the bone.
Knotter and I took a walk to the meadow since she wanted to visit with some jumping spiders. As we were peering into a bush in search of little arachnids, the sky turned dark, almost like an eclipse.
We looked around us and saw 12 small smoky gray orbs floating inches above the ground, about 25 feet away. They got closer and as they neared us, grew larger in size.
Thankfully, the meadow nymph sent her unicorn friend over to us, scattering the orbs and bringing the sun with it.
Don't know what would have happened if those things had come in contact with us!

The past few evenings the 12 smoky orbs have shown up outside my patio doors. As soon as darkness falls, they swoop to the glass panes and don't leave until the sun rises. If anyone approaches the doors, the orbs grow alarmingly large and darker.
Needless to say, my family has been staying indoors at night.

Since some of you felt the smoky orbs may have had some kind of connection with my Olympus problems, I sent a message to Clio, the Muse of History, requesting an update. She assured me Evandora could not possibly be the culprit as she was currently stuck in a pit, searching for 3 fish bones buried within mountains of sea snail shells. Zeus has kept his word!
With Samhain nearing, I decided to test your ancestor theory. I left 12 small bowls of warm milk out near my patio door at nightfall. When the orbs approached, I demanded they drink and reveal themselves. They morphed into their former shape and while none of them were my ancestors, they surprised me by being creatures who were past victims of Giovanni!
In the spirit world, they had heard about The Midnight King's reform efforts and were coming in search of the truth. They wish to rest in eternal peace and can only do so if Giovanni apologizes to each of their spirits in person.

While I think Giovanni will be interested in doing all he can to help the 12 souls rest in peace, he has fallen off the radar!
I've tried contacting him via griffin, owl, scrying pond, and even a location spell! HELP!

We've got BIG problems. Knotter woke up this morning and found one of her strings with a HUGE knot in it that she didn't make. Can you guess whose string it was? Yep, Giovanni's.
Knotter can't even identify what the knot is supposed to signify since she wasn't the one to create it.
Things are not looking good for the forgiveness ritual. Going to try some of your contact suggestions this evening, but I'd getting worried for Gio's safety!

I was about to send a Djin into the mix in order to help Giovanni when something in the back of my mind told me to stop. I re-read your thoughts to Knotter about the thread and letting things work their course.
Jones overheard us and scampered off to the meadow. A few moments later she came back to the house, dragging a Nephelai behind her.
The Nephelai started to communicate with Knotter and the two furiously signed back and forth before the cloud nymph explained things to me.
Jones had remembered a story her grandmother used to tell her when she was a young brownie. Evil spirits would entice the dark October clouds to surround them and cloak their malignant intent so they could play rather nasty tricks on others. Jones ran to fetch the Nephelai because she would be able to confirm if the stories were real.
Cira, the Nephelai, clarified that while it isn't a common occurrence, evil spirits will participate in this type of trickery around Halloween. Cira told Knotter that she could use her cloud magic to test Gio's life thread and help determine if the evil spirits had indeed manipulated clouds to cloak them.

Cira, the cloud nymph, has been an unbelievable help with the Giovanni problem. Knotter brought out his life thread and after a few moments of Cira blowing over the knot, it glowed a bright purple. She confirmed it was a sure sign that evil spirits were altering October clouds to serve their nefarious plans. However, while the knot was returning to room temperature (Cira has VERY cold breath), the thread briefly glowed green before returning to normal.
Knotter explained that there was ANOTHER force also manipulating the situation, but whatever the force was, it was acting with good intentions based on the color. We figure it must be the reason Giovanni is being kept far away from the smoky orbs.
We have to wait until tomorrow evening's moon before Cira can get a chance to use her cloud nymph magic on the orbs, so we are trying to figure out how to show Giovanni's protector we want to help them.

The man in the moon suggestion was perfect! After composing a note explaining that we were trying to help Giovanni on a piece of parchment, we floated the paper on top of a moon-lit pond. The man on the moon agreed to reflect the letter on a surface near The Midnight King's secret protector, but would not reveal their identity.
Cira also helped us with the conniving smoky orbs. After luring them back to my patio doors with warm milk, the cloud nymph took the orbs by surprise by blowing on them. Their cover was temporarily erased, revealing 12 huge ogres.
We quickly ran back into the house and began to throw lettuce and other greens through the window to protect us from an attack. You know how much ogres hate vegetables and we weren't taking any chances.
Why would these ogres stoop to such measures to get to Giovanni?

Sorry things have been quiet on the "Giovanni is missing" front, but I've been busy sleuthing!
After depleting my vegetable supply to protect my family from the 12 ogres (by the way, my daughter was more than happy to forgo carrot sticks, spinach, and broccoli for a week to ensure our safety), I had a long brainstorming session with Cira, Knotter, and Jones.
Knotter noted that Cira's visit to the enchanted meadow might not have been a coincidence. Considering this whole situation had a whiff of Olympus intervention, she asked our new cloud nymph friend why she was in the area. Cira explained a snake had visited her cloud bank and told her she was the winner of a deluxe woodland vacation on Earth. Since Nephelai rarely get to visit land for any length of time, she happily accepted the prize and was transported to the meadow.
When I heard snake, I instantly thought Hermes was involved. That is until Jones reminded me that Iris also carries a caduceus.
The big question is... what do you think is the best way to pinpoint which one is behind the divine intervention?

To be continued... in November's "Fan"tastical story!


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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Burl of Fate - September's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Art

A recap of September's "Fan"tastical story....

A mysterious hooded person of sorts has been following me around lately. They flit out of view whenever I happen to notice them and they always seem to have a spool of heavy string with them..
Not exactly sure it's a Fate following me around... keep finding string-like objects around the house tied in knots. Dental floss, telephone wires, butcher's string, extension cords, etc.
Sometimes the obvious solution is the most difficult to see! I totally forgot about Giovanni's enchanted net and set up a boobie trap to catch my secret follower and I now have my answer!
After untangling her from the netting, I asked her if she was one of the Fates. She signed the word family. I asked her if she was Ananke. She again signed family. Then I just asked her her name and she signed knotter. Confused, I called for Jones and got an explanation.
According to one of her many books on magical creatures, Jones found that The Knotter is a half-sister of the Fates. Her job is to tie knots into people's life strings as a way to signify important life events. Birth, marriage, children, etc. She has no power over the length of a person's life, but can influence when certain things happen. She is also unable to speak as her tongue was cut out by her jealous half-sisters.
Now to try to figure out why she came to see me!
I have to say it, you are all far too smart for your own good. You were on to something when you suggested my powerful friends must somehow be a reason for Knotter's appearance.
While it isn't her sisters who are growing concerned about my ever-expanding list of allies, Knotter did tell me that someone higher up is getting suspicious. Mnemosyne, the mother of the famous Muses, has her eye on me.
Mnemosyne is under the impression that I will attempt to overthrow her daughters with the help of my friends. No way would I try to offend the children of Zeus and a titaness!
Going to be keeping the new friend-making to a minimum. Still not entirely sure why Knotter felt I should be warned about all of this...
I am livid! Found out who has been whispering evil thoughts about me into Mnemosyne's ear... Evandora! Guess Poseidon let her live after all and she has been trying to get her revenge. Sea witch, more like sea cow!
Got these details from Ira, our favorite Green Man. He is on good terms with Demeter, who heard about the Mnemosyne story from Persephone. It's like a soap opera!
Knotter became involved with the whole drama because she is one of the victims of Evandora's meddling. The sea witch caused the original discord between Knotter and her half-sisters in an attempt to take control of The Thread of Life. Knotter doesn't want another life affected by Evandora's meddling.
How the heck I am supposed to protect myself against a vindictive sea witch with close ties to gods, goddesses, and titans?!?
I am trying a 3-prong defense plan against Evandora based on your suggestions.
  1. Perform a sage cleanse on my home.
    2. Create a delicious death-by-chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and burn it for Zeus' olfactory pleasure, requesting he intercede with Evandora's plans for revenge.
    3. Send word via harpie to Clio, Muse of history, and ask her to review all of Evandora's misdeeds in the past. This may shine some light onto her true character and get the Muses to speak with their mother and father on my behalf.

    Knotter has kept busy with finalizing momentous occasions in people's Threads of Life. Jones asked to see hers and every time she touched a knot, an image from that day flashed in her mind. I'm tempted to ask to look at mine, but am a little afraid I'll freak out.
Knotter plans on sticking around until we settle this Evandora business once and for all. If only she could tie a really BIG knot into the sea witch's thread
No word from Zeus or the Muse, Clio. But also haven't heard anything more about Evandora for the time being. It's tough sitting around and waiting for information! No news is good news, right?
Knotter taught me how to create a binding knot for protection. She also taught me how to make some gorgeous macrame plant hangers. At least Knotter is keeping my mind off revenge schemes
Ah ha! This morning I received confirmation from the Muse of History, Clio, that she had heard my plea for help with Evandora. Our (least) favorite sea witch has a very long history of trying to stir up trouble with the Olympians and their ilk, so it was not hard to convince Clio to help.
She spoke with her father, Zeus, and they've decided that it is obvious I did not pose any threat to the Muses or Mnemosyne. Zeus plans on personally taking care of Evandora. He has a special punishment in mind for her... as long as she stops making trouble for me, I'm all for it!

While I am grateful that this chapter seems over, I can't help but think Knotter may have more to her story than she is letting on.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tatiana - "Fan"tastical Art

A recap of August's "Fan"tastical Fantasy Story....

Giovanni was going to throw in the towel about trying to change people's perception of him, but decided he just couldn't handle the loneliness anymore and is going to try a different plan.
There are several baddies in the magical world that everyone assumes The Midnight King is bffs with: Rollo, the giant that incessantly devours anything with wings (mainly fairies); Tatiana, the spider shape-shifter who likes to torture the less magically gifted creatures; Zalhem, the master of red caps in the Chestnut Hole Bog. Far too many have been killed due to the actions of these vile beings.
Who do you think Giovanni should try tackling first to prove his desire to make a positive life change?

The Midnight King is going to try taking down Tatiana first! His goal is to take away her shape-shifting abilities and not harm her.
Before he begins, Jones and I need to help him find tarnak root. Seems spiders are not big fans of it, but it is extremely rare.
Going to see if we can persuade some of our magical friends to help.

Not sure if Jones will ever speak to us again... in our quest for tarnak root she had to agree to go on a date with a garden gnome. And not just any garden gnome. She has to go with Belchart.
Yes, THAT Belchart. The one who uses boogers as a weapon and has no qualms against letting gas escape his body through any vent at any time.
At least Giovanni has wasted no time and is concocting a potion with the tarnak root that will (hopefully) defeat Tatiana. She has been increasingly active in her torturous activities lately and it must stop.

Jones hasn't said a peep to me or the rest of the family since her date night with Belchart. Well, she did angrily recap the evening by telling us the gnome famous for being gross and grimy wants to have 4 children and name them Snot, Booger, Loogie, and Phlegm. He also talked with his mouth full of food and every time he said something chunks of his meal ended up on her plate. Lastly, when Jones kissed his cheek at the end of the date (it was part of the trade agreement), she saw cockroaches crawling around in his beard.
Yep, I think I need to go pick her up some nice new cleaning supplies like the feather duster you mentioned and some custom rubber gloves.
Giovanni is letting his potion steep for a few more days to gain potency and is trying to find someone who will practice sword fighting moves with him before he faces Tatiana. So far the Midnight King reputation is still keeping everyone at bay.

Giovanni is setting out to attempt battle with the spider shape-shifter tomorrow morning! Tatiana is weaker during the morning hours and Giovanni is hoping to be able to handle this fight without having to take a life.

Been busy helping Giovanni, The Midnight King. His first round with Tatiana was unsuccessful. He didn't want to tap into his dark side as that is when evil creatures tend to flock to him, so Tatiana the spider shape-shifter made an escape.
He and I have been weaving a unicorn hair net to ensnare her in. Good thing Giovanni can do replication spells. Just take a couple of spare hairs and boom! Now you have a pile of them!
Trying to decide what the best type of bait would be to lure her into the trap...

Trap is set for this evening. Unicorn hair netting has been enforced with enchantments. Warrior fay has been recruited to act as bait. He's not happy being so tiny and forced to act cowardly, but Raven is a real trooper.
Tatiana ain't gonna know what hit her!

New problem... now that we have ensnared Tatiana, what do we do with her? Obviously strip her of her power... but what would be a good form of non-violent punishment? Giovanni is struggling with resisting the urge to kill her since that is how he has always dealt with adversaries in the past.
She's lucky to still be alive at all. Tatiana somehow managed to rake her claws across Raven's chest while he was still in miniature form. Between the beat-down he gave and the thumping over the head Jones gave her, Tatiana won't soon forget her defeat.
Our little brownie is very protective of her family - Raven is one of her favorite cousins and Jones was not about to let him be bait without some back-up, though The Midnight King's net worked perfectly after she was cornered.

Still waiting to see what the 3 most current victims of Tatiana's attacks will select for her punishment. They were intrigued with everyone's suggestions and are mulling over each one carefully.
Good news, Giovanni is beginning to get a better reputation! Many creatures from the forest the evil spider-shifter inhabited have sent Gio small gifts of thanks. He is elated.

This afternoon I received an owl from Jones letting me know Giovanni had left the meadow. Since word of his showdown with Tatiana had spread, he is getting pleas from all corners of the magical realm asking for help eradicating evil. The Midnight King may be needing a new name soon 
As for Tatiana... we don't think she'll be making trouble anymore. Her powers were bound and Gio put a mirror spell on her for good measure. Should she figure out a way to cause trouble again, the misdeeds will be multiplied by 3 and hit her. And to be extra sure she leaves everyone alone, Giovanni is making her his travel companion, making her schlep his belongings around in exchange for food and shelter. I have a feeling he'll steer her to a better life path.

As a thank you gift, Giovanni conjured up a beautiful stone fountain for us in a corner of the meadow. The water will never freeze, be forever clean, and not need refilling as long as The Midnight King lives. He will be missed, but perhaps we will see him again.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ba-Ba- Nah-Nah Brain Boggle!

Topic: Wee little folk
What kind of Nymph
lives in a tree?

B: Boggart

C:  Changeling

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